July – August 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

God is always good and blessings abound. I am thankful that we can have many friends who invest in our lives in different ways. Apart from prayer we may not be able to contribute too much to your lives, but by God’s grace we can make a difference to someone here on your behalf. “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” (II Corinthians 9:15)

Our family is doing well. The kids are in full swing with school once again. They all have other responsibilities in the home and church so their lives are full. Joseph is excited about his science book this year, learning about insects. He has started an insect zoo and I am wondering how long that will last. I am glad for his interest. Our girls tried to take a lot of time to ride their horse this summer but will have to be satisfied with less now. The little ones - when not also begging to do school - are daily learning social skills in peer tolerance. We are all waiting eagerly and impatiently for our baby. Please continue to pray for Cindy. She had a bit of trouble with high blood pressure, but with medication it seems to be staying stable. The due date is very soon and we are praying all will go well. Hopefully next time we can give good news.

Please be praying for two families we have been working with that are open, but so far not coming to church. I have been able to have some very good discussions with them and have been able to pass on literature which has brought spiritual encouragement. Apart from that, many people have received the gospel through weekly visitation. People often are not very open to talk, but most times will receive an audio gospel message or tract. Our prayer is that the seed will take root.

Our church people continue to influence those they know, and through their encouragement we have recently had a new family begin attending. We have been able to discuss salvation with them and they profess salvation, but their testimony is weak. They are learning in church, however, and we plan to have more one on one time with them yet. Please pray for this family as well as another teenage girl who has begun attending, that they would be influenced by and accept the truth.

Thank you for praying for our youth. Attitudes seem more positive than they were for awhile. Please continue to pray because some are making bad decisions that will hurt them in the future. Pray that they fall in love with Jesus so that many temptations will be overcome and they will walk victoriously.

We wish you all the best and God’s blessing until the next time.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

May – June 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Our main summer activities are now over. Thank you for praying for all that has gone on here the last couple of months. Our Missions Conference was a blessing and we praise God for another strong commitment to help missionaries in world evangelization. Though some people do well here financially, many are struggling to make ends meet. I appreciate the sacrifices made and by God’s grace we can continue to support our missionaries for this next year.

We just completed our family camp. The majority of the families attended and we had a great time. Our guest preacher was Pastor Bill Wall; the messages were a blessing and I heard many positive comments. Aside from the preaching we enjoyed times of singing, game playing, swimming in the river, skits, and good old fashioned fellowship. We went through a lot of sunflower seeds, which is a must for those raised in Mennonite culture. It has always been a highlight for our children and we were all encouraged. I know some decisions were made and some good discussion followed.

Please continue to pray for our young people for several things: first, for those who are tempted to look for fulfillment in the world and are in danger of making unwise choices, and secondly for our own children. I am very happy to see our children’s attitudes to be such that they want to do right; however, I know they struggle with loneliness at times - especially the older ones. We have male and female youth in the church but the group is not very big. Sometimes to teens it appears more exciting to be a part of a large church. Also at times they miss people that they know from Canada. Generally they are happy and positive though, and we focus on the things for which we can be thankful.

We continue to pass out CDs and literature each week. Lately we have also regained the opportunity to have our messages played on a local, private radio station. While out visiting I hear that people are listening, and we believe it will result in decisions and also in some coming to check us out.

We encourage our people to be testifying of God’s grace in their lives. One of our men recently had a customer to whom he sold a piece of heavy equipment and he took opportunity to share the gospel. It turns out the man was saved but was so encouraged by the conversation he invited our church member to take a preaching slot on Spanish radio each week. I was very excited to hear that. This particular brother has been preaching to our youth regularly and in church a few times and he is growing in the Lord. Please be praying for him as he brings a message over radio each Wednesday.

We are all well but Cindy is waiting patiently for her September due date. She likes to work hard and has to be reminded to take rests. Appointments bring good reports; please pray for continued health as she nears the time of delivery.

We appreciate so much your care and support of us personally and for this ministry. Thoughtfulness over birthdays is much appreciated. You make this work possible by your sacrifice and we are thankful for it. May God bless each of you.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

March - April 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

We have a number of things coming up in the next months which we would ask you to pray for. In May we are having our annual Missions Conference. Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht, along with his wife, is coming to preach for us. It is sure to be a highlight. Our giving has been steady since our first conference and has always increased. Outreach is something we hold before the people all the time and we see fruit from it. Our people are reaching out and are winning family. One of our members who has been witnessing for years recently told us that her sister got the matter of her salvation settled after struggling for a long time. Praise God for the power of His Word! This year there have been several people who have passed away that attended here periodically. In two accounts we heard from others that they had gained assurance of salvation through the preaching ministry here. One of the men also was able to lead his daughter to the Lord shortly before his death. Sometimes it takes a while before enough trust is built for people to commit to something new. I am thankful for the opportunity we have to preach the pure gospel, and that it is making a difference in this area.

In April we had the blessing of helping out another Baptist church of Mexican nationals in the neighboring city of Chihuahua. They recently organized from a mission work and had been putting a building together with used material. Many nationals live way below a usual North American lifestyle; these people just had no money to put up a building and so had been meeting outside. We donated money along with some others, organized a work day, and had a great time putting up a small building for them. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Our family camp is coming up this summer. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and preaching in a beautiful, remote part of the Sierra Madre range. Please be praying for our families that decisions will be made. Some of our youth are waffling in their lives and really need prayer. It is critical that they make wise decisions for their future. There are the usual struggles with the world, the flesh, and the devil. The family mentioned in the last letter that began attending again has been faithful and seems to be doing well. They are much happier and we thank the Lord for working in their lives.

Our children have worked hard and have finished the main part of their curriculum in school. A bit more free time will be filled with outdoor activities like gardening and yard work. The kids also will continue language study and music into the summer. Spanish is not our primary language of ministry. Learning it is slow progress, but it is progressing. I am able to do some basic sharing of the gospel and have numerous opportunities.

Please be praying for Cindy. Her pregnancy is now at the mid-point and generally she is feeling good. Just yesterday we saw the doctor and the baby is growing and seems to be well. We are all excited and waiting.

Thank you for your continued part of this ministry. May God bless each of you.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

January-February, 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings from Mexico. I trust you are walking in the victory Jesus gives. As always, the last two months have gone by quickly. We have seen some changes in attendance here in the last while. One of our families continues to struggle with consistency in their Christian life. Another family that was attending here semi-regularly since last fall has moved away to Canada. The man who was separated from his wife has moved away also. We had requested prayer for him in the last letter and would ask you to pray that he would not make foolish decisions, but come back into the fellowship of the Lord. The last I heard he was going back to old friends that are unsaved and a terrible influence on him. One good report, however, is that a family that has been out in the world for almost a year has decided that they want to make things right. The husband is struggling with addictions. There is a lot of water under the bridge but God can pick up the pieces if one allows Him to. Please pray for this young family that they will stick it out.

To report on the regular happenings, we continue to go out each week making visits and going from house to house passing out CD’s with a gospel message. Most are received and we trust the Lord will save souls through the message. I have had some good talks with people through this outreach. One stronghold that keeps people from being open to Bible teaching is that many believe one must stay in the church where one first joined. Apparently many churches here teach that to join a church is to make a covenant never to leave. This keeps them from examining what their church teaches and comparing it with Scripture. I challenge them all the time to see what the Bible says. One family that opposed us strongly a few years ago has started visiting from time to time. Last weekend we had them over to our house and had a good visit. Maybe one day they will join us.

We have been mailing CD messages to other parts of Mexico also and are hearing good reports. Canadian relatives of Mexican Mennonites sometimes write us and get us into contact with people out here. A recipient family of the CD mailings recently had a relative from Canada visit and lead one of the family members to the Lord. We praise God for that and the privilege of being a help and influence in this young mother’s life. This was in the deep southern part of Mexico and our prayer is that one day there will be churches established in that area.

Our family is doing well. Hannah is already learning to read even though not officially in school. She wants to do what the others are doing. The older girls spend free time learning piano and riding their horse. Micah plays with his cars and Joe is getting to be a big help to me. Emily is whizzing through her school and is enjoying it. Cindy is doing well but is feeling nauseous a lot. You guessed it, Klassen kid number eight is on the way. Please pray that all will go well. We are very excited about an addition to the family. Her due date is in mid – September.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers. God bless you for your faithfulness to us, keeping us on the field.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

November/December, 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

The time is past where Christmas is celebrated. Although Christ is preached throughout the year, the songs sung of His birth and work among men is something I always enjoy in December. Extra time taken just for fellowship is meaningful also. You all have helped make our Christmas special by your friendship and faithfulness to us. We give an extra thank you to all who gave individual gifts to us and the children. The kids were pretty excited about that and we were able to do some unusual things as a family.

We had a good response to the effort we made in December for special outreach. The recital mentioned in the previous letter was very well attended and so were our programs. Our cast and choir did a wonderful job and many positive comments were heard. The crowds were probably more attentive than ever before and that was an answer to prayer. It seems that often during events such as these there are many distractions, which was not the case here. We have had some return visits and have been able to do some follow-up visiting also. We trust the Lord is working.

This year we are encouraging people to be involved in a weekly Scripture memorization program and committed prayer time. I was happy to see many get involved in this and several new faces in the choir group. People appear to be generally encouraged and excited about being saved. We do have one family, however, who is struggling somewhat. They attend irregularly and seem to have a tough time committing to important responsibilities in several areas in their lives. We are praying for them and ask that you would do the same.

We have had one of our men begin bringing several new youth lately and another man is bringing his younger brother. This particular man is separated from his wife and seeking reconciliation. He does not come to church that often but I have left the door open to help him if he wants it. He has sought some council and is unsure how to proceed with winning his wife back. He has requested prayer.

Our family is generally well. I have been fighting a cold which has been ongoing for awhile now. Please pray for health for our family. I am so thankful for my wife and children. Their attitudes are wonderful and we enjoy family time a lot. God is so good.

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support. May God bless you.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

September/October, 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

It is a privilege to serve the King of kings. Reading in Daniel this morning I saw again how God’s kingdom is above all kingdoms. We have the opportunity to advance His kingdom in this part of the world. Thank you for your part in it.

Again we give thanks for the cards sent and encouragement given through emails and phone calls. We miss you and, Lord willing, maybe we can see some of you again someday - if not here, then in glory. We had some visitors lately who were members of supporting churches and it was good to see them and renew acquaintances.

We are planning a Christmas cantata once again. Cindy wrote the script, I translated it, and we incorporated arrangements of several traditional Christmas songs as well as children’s songs. We will present in two locations and trust that God’s Word will win people to the truth. I have also been asked to speak at a music recital which is a great opportunity. One thousand people are expected to attend. Please keep these events in prayer. An invitation is always given but people rarely respond openly. This does not mean people are not responding. A public invitation is something new for most here and people are afraid of doing what is “different”. Many times, however, I have heard of people responding later when alone. Often religious people are in a rut and will not easily leave the church they attend even when they accept the Lord. It takes a lot of personal encouragement.

We try to make that contact through door to door CD distribution of the gospel message so that we can begin working with them. We are getting feedback as a result of both the CD and radio ministries; mostly it has been positive, but not all of it. Recently one man called and scalded me over the phone for passing out CDs. I took the opportunity to question him about his faith. I was able to give him the gospel through the course of the conversation. He calmed down and said that he didn’t agree, but it got him thinking. Maybe he will be in church one of these days. The work here seems slow when not many people come to church, but I believe God wants to do something. With enough sowing a harvest will come. Please keep praying.

We have gone through a valley for awhile but are heading back up. Our people are encouraged and spirits are up. We added two missionaries to our missions family. One of our men who has been working with the youth for some time brought his first preaching message to our congregation last Sunday and did a good job. This was a highlight as he was the first in the church to get baptized. His wife’s parents strongly opposed their joining the church at the time, but they were here and have been on several occasions. We enjoyed a good time of fellowship with them.

Our children are well and continuing in the usual of learning and serving in the church. I am also well cared for by my wife, as always, and she continues to tolerate me.

Enjoy this time of year and especially as Christ is lifted up and celebrated.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

July – August 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

Your friendship, prayers, and support mean a lot to us. Things have been up and down in the ministry here lately. We decided to go ahead with the meeting we had planned and can give a praise report on that. We are still battling some issues; it seems the devil is doing his best to steal, kill, and destroy. Please keep praying. On a positive note we have had several visitors lately who came to our meeting. One family was there nearly every night. We had some response at the invitation but no salvation decisions that we know of. I believe the meeting was good for us but many are still struggling with discouragement. This is a great tactic of the devil, but we are trying to keep people focused on the Lord and are trying ourselves to stay encouraged and focused on the Lord.

I keep passing out tracts and CDs and that has many times brought my spirits up. Many refuse, but many accept. Please pray for salvation decisions. Some of our people have been helping in the work, but others are afraid to get involved. May God give them courage.

Please pray for a struggling marriage in one of our families. Wrong influences are wreaking havoc. Another man has come for counsel whose wife has left him. He attends sometimes of late but does not have a very clear salvation testimony. He has heard the gospel many times but his background continues to hinder him from having faith. He is very confused; please pray for him.
It is again the new school year. Our kids have had a nice break but now it is back at it. Joe has really picked up on his reading and that is good to see. The older girls help out in the house a lot and ride the horse as time allows. Micah has been doing well with training. Emily loves collecting the eggs and Hannah loves her doll. Cindy and I would ask for prayer for wisdom, courage and faith.

May the Lord bless you.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

May – June 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

We have been enjoying the summer here and the weather has been beautiful. I have read in the news how some are experiencing major heat waves. The altitude here keeps the temperature moderate. This makes me thankful because we recently finished up our family camp. We enjoyed having Pastor Michael Sullivant here with his wife and they ministered to us through their fellowship and Pastor Sullivant’s preaching. Many of our families came and were encouraged; we missed those who could not come. I believe the messages were just what we needed.
We have been going through some difficult times lately. Your prayers are greatly appreciated; please continue to pray. We are battling on several fronts: we have faced criticism from some of our own that has brought discouragement to our people, some families have left, and some other families have quit coming because they are battling sin issues. I have sought to deal with these situations with the leading of the Lord, but the losses really hurt. Please pray that those who have quit coming will get back into fellowship with the Lord. God is using this to teach me also, and I welcome your prayers that God might give me wisdom.

We had asked for prayer regarding a meeting being planned here for the fall. Please continue to pray for clear direction and that we would make right decisions. We are continuing to make plans but some doors have been closed.

We continue to reach out to the community, but it seems our CD ministry is the most effective for now. We have handed out many of these CDs containing a salvation message, and numerous people have come to get some to hand out to their friends. Some do not appreciate our efforts, however, it has led to several good opportunities to talk to folks. Please pray that people would listen to the message and respond by accepting Christ.

Our family has been doing well. Thank you for praying for Hannah; she is doing much better. Micah is being potty trained right now and so Cindy and Micah could use prayer as things are progressing rather slowly. I have faced some discouragement but God has been using that to teach me to draw closer to Him and to evaluate my life and ministry. That is a good thing. Our kids are growing fast and with two in youth now we are not such a “young” family anymore. Beth loves to ride her horse, Joe has started to do a lot of reading and is learning some of the basics of song leading. Mabel and Ginny stay busy with a lot of things among which is piano. Cindy is doing a great job of multitasking and keeping me fed and happy along with serving in the church. Emily spends a lot of time entertaining her younger siblings, which is a great help. God has blessed me with a wonderful family.

Again, we so much appreciate your help and prayers. May God bless you for it.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

March – April 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

Many notes and cards have poured into our mailbox this last while. Thank you for your kindness. The kids love getting mail and it always encourages us to know people care and remember birthdays and other special days.

We burned a bunch of CD’s at Christmas time with salvation messages on them. I have been handing out the leftover ones. The Lord led me to preach on being a witness one Sunday and I was encouraged to see people in church pick it up a notch with handing out literature and CD’s. One man who is not even a regular attender in our church came by and got some CD’s to hand out. He had previously received one and had borrowed it out. When he went to get it back it had been passed on to another so he just came for more. May God multiply the seed sown.

Our visitation has gone well the last couple of months. I was able to share the gospel with some new contacts and also encourage a man with the Scriptures who had just come out of rehab for alcoholism. No decisions for Christ have been made, but the door is open to come back. We continue to seek more people to visit.

I made mention in the last letter of a radio ministry opportunity. I had submitted some sermons and as of yet I have not heard that they have been aired. Please pray for this very effective means of reaching out.

Our Missions Conference went well; it was a special blessing to have Pastor Frank Siemens and his wife with us. We are supporting 10 missionaries and plan to support more. My prayer is that God continues to work and that people will be obedient to faithfully give. We look forward to having a missionary come in November to present his work.

An evangelistic revival is being planned for the fall and a family camp in June. Our prayer requests are that the families would be drawn closer together and that the parents would take leadership in leading their children into righteousness. If parents undermine what is taught in church the preaching is much less effective. We are seeking to secure a place for the fall meeting; it will probably be a tent meeting and we need a place in a prominent area. One business man is considering allowing us his property and we ask that you pray about this.

Our family is doing well; some of the kids are wrapping up the school year and are excited about it. We can maybe do some family projects around the yard this summer. Our health is generally good, but Hannah is suffering frequent ear aches which we think may be infections but are not sure. The doctor has checked her out and all seems to be okay. She has fought with colds a lot this winter so maybe that is it, but we are praying her immunity will improve.

Thank you for your prayers and care. Your thoughtfulness of this ministry is much appreciated.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

January – February 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for taking time to read this. We are thankful for each one who shows interest and takes time to pray. We feel much more connected knowing there are others in God’s family who take a personal interest in our lives and the ministry here. You help by your prayers, giving, accountability, and your contact through various means.

We have continued to seek out contacts made through Christmas time. Some of those we have visited say they want to come to church but have not made an appearance yet. I think people should be frequenting God’s house faithfully but am also thankful that we can minister in homes when people do not yet come to church. Please pray that God will reveal salvation through Christ to the people here. So often when I talk to people they know the terminology but contradict themselves concerning their “salvation”. They say you can’t know, and I believe it is because God’s Spirit is not yet bearing witness with theirs that they are children of God. They have believed a lie and are in spiritual bondage because of it. They need release through Jesus.

We do have an opportunity now to preach on the radio. We praise God for this and trust He will use it to teach people of Himself that they might place faith in Christ.

Our Missions Conference will be an exciting time in March. Please be in prayer that God will speak concerning doing more by way of giving and going. We have a mixture of culture this year. We will have Mexican and Canadian missionaries. I was Mexican-born and Canadian-raised and am reminded of how God works in lives and loves and reaches out to all cultures.

Personally we are doing well. Things are looking up, we enjoyed some company from Canada the last while, and everything is going a bit more back to normal. The kids are doing school and playing with their pets. I am finishing a bathroom renovation and have started planting some seeds in the garden. My fingers always get itchy and I find myself wandering into the garden at this time of year.

May God bless each of you; thank you for your friendship.

In Christ,
Will Klassen

November-December, 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

We appreciate your prayers. These last months have been a mixture of difficulties and blessings. I always love the Christmas season, now past. First of all I want to say a great big thank you for all of your faithful praying and giving this past year. Certainly you have a part in all victories experienced here this year. Many gave extra gifts at Christmas time, and it was a much needed and appreciated gift. May God bless each one.

Our Christmas outreach was a success; we did more than last year and saw bigger results. With our combined services and programs, our invitation flyer distribution, CD distribution, and personal visits, we got the gospel into close to two thousand homes. As far as we know no one received the Saviour, but they all have opportunity to do so. We had many first-time visitors and are now making followup visits. Please pray with us that God’s Word will do its work. Our people were all involved and I am very proud of their effort and attitude. God has richly blessed us.

Amidst the joy our family also experienced grief. My wife had some concerns regarding our baby, and after an appointment with a doctor we were told our baby had died about 20 weeks into the pregnancy. We were heartbroken and disappointed and don’t really know the reason why our baby died. Little Benjamin was stillborn on December 22. We feel the loss keenly, however, God’s grace has been a healing balm in our lives. We rejoice in the promises of Scripture and in the continual blessing of God in all areas of our lives.

Please continue to pray for some of the contacts mentioned in the previous letter. The Hispanic man no longer wants to see me and I don’t know what went wrong. Somehow the devil discouraged him; the last time we met he was very eager to have another meeting and Bible study. One of the others has also told me he no longer wants to meet. He is a professiong atheist and when I have discussions with him he claims it is too stressful. I believe God is working on him and he does not want to believe the truth. I continue to pray for these men but God will have to break through to them.

Please continue to pray that God would grant wisdom and guide me in decisions I need to make concerning more outreach and discipleship. I want to do God’s will in the avenues of ministry that we have available.

Thank you for your friendship and love.

In Christ,
Will Klassen

September – October 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

I took my regular time this morning to walk with the Lord and reflect and pray. I thought of how good God has been to me. My life is filled with blessings. I am grateful for my salvation, my physical family, my spiritual family, friends, a purpose and work in life, my health, and so many other things. Life is a blessing and I have eternity with Jesus to look forward to. I am blessed. I trust this letter finds you all well. We are praying for you as you come to mind.

My family is doing well. The kids are busy learning academically and otherwise, and I have been given a good wife from God who does an excellent job of teaching. Emily asked the other day, “Why do people eat and eat and never get fat?”. My wife had a good opportunity to teach her about digestion. Many times we have to chuckle at what the kids come up with. Our oldest two girls have been saving money and have bought a horse. Ginny is doing a part in our Christmas cantata and Joseph is teaching Micah how to play. Hannah is a lot of work these days; she is almost another Ginny with lots of energy and more than her share of mischief. We find joy in the children. Cindy has not been feeling too well for the last months but for a good reason. We are expecting baby number eight around the end of April. She is better now but please be praying for her that all will go well.

Church is very busy. We are doing the usual preaching, praying, and visiting. I have made some new contacts and ask that you pray for their salvation. Two men are Mennonite and one is Hispanic. They each struggle with differing issues: bitterness, religion, ignorance, anger, and addiction withdrawal. I have explained the gospel on numerous occasions to each, take time to visit and love them, and am praying for their salvation. We also are busy preparing for a Christmas program. We will be presenting in two different communities: at home and in another village. We have a lot of work to do yet. Please pray for us and for a good outcome and decisions of salvation. More exciting news is that three of our church ladies decided to get baptized. They continue to move forward but need prayer to stay encouraged; others have tried to discourage them from continuing to grow.

I am contemplating integrating some other avenues of ministry and am seeking clear direction from the Lord. Please pray that God gives wisdom. Thank you for your prayers, friendship, and support of us here. May God bless you for it. My desire is that eternity will reveal more than what we thought it would. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

In Christ,
Will Klassen

July-August 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

Our family and the ministry here are doing well. It is back to school time for the kids. Piano lessons begin once again also. God has been good to us this summer in sending a lot of rain. This is always a concern in the desert. Many farmers have saved a lot of money because of not having to irrigate and the pastures are full of grass. Cindy has tried to get all her canning done with the help of the kids and she is almost done.

Our family camp went very well. Only a couple of our church families did not attend and all that were there had a great time. The preaching was excellent and we all learned something that we could take home and work on. This was the first family camp we had and the only “negative” comment I heard was that it was over too quickly. The highlight of the camp was a visiting couple that joined us; they are the parents of one of our members. When this member and her husband joined the church and got baptized the parents were very opposed, however, through the growth and testimony of this family the parents have become quite interested. We pray they too will make this their home church one day.

I took a missions trip to Guadalajara with some of the men in the church to help with a church building project. Some of us had never been to that part of Mexico. We visited several other ministries there and sought to be a blessing to them. We ministered in song in one church and left a good offering in another missionary home. Though many of the national pastors do not have the resources that Canadian and US churches have, it is good to see that they are reaching their people for the Lord. We covered all of our own expenses for the trip and got quite a bit of work done on the church building. All worked hard and were encouraged by the experience. We realized the words of our Lord that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

We are getting started working on another cantata for Christmas. It is good to see some of our families that have struggled now getting back on board and wanting to sing in the choir. This will be our next big church outreach. Please pray for this as it will be a good opportunity to preach the gospel. We continue to make visits each week and have made some new contacts as a result of our people inviting friends. The young lady mentioned in the last letter continues to come and has started bringing her mother. She went through a bit of a hard time and had some questions but seems to be doing well. Please continue to pray for her. As we minister we covet your prayers also that we will be able to reach people with the truth and encourage them in their faith.

Thank you for your part in this ministry.

In Christ,
Will Klassen

May-June 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

Here is another update on what is going on in our lives and in the ministry the Lord has us serving in. Summer has finally arrived and more is going on than usual. We have the privilege of having some company this next while. We have family coming as well as some ministry guests. Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht was invited to preach our Family Camp, and we have the Michael Sullivant Jr. family coming to present their work as missionaries to Thailand. We are privileged to know these good people. We will be having our summer picnic soon and all these events are good outreach tools.

Our family is well. Thank you to those who remembered our recent birthdays. Each time I go to get the mail the children ask if they got mail. Cindy and I enjoy it also. Joseph got a stunt bike for his birthday and was he thrilled. Micah is cutting teeth and is a bit grumpy. Mabel and Bethany are working hard at selling ice cream and doing cleaning jobs to earn money for a horse. Ginny, Emily, and Hannah are busy playing these days that school is out. Cindy and I are busy in the ministry work, as well as the things that go with having a house and yard.

I have had some good opportunities to share the gospel with others this last while. I visited a man who was to the point of death because of alcohol. I shared Christ with him but he is not ready to be saved. I plan to make some more visits; please pray for his salvation. A young lady who is saved has begun coming to church because she wants a closer walk with the Lord. She is unhappy with where she is at spiritually. We continually need prayers for wisdom to properly minister to all who come to church here. Through the preaching and teaching of God's Word our attenders are growing and realizing the need for life-altering decisions to be made. It is amazing how God can turn our focus to Himself from the world when we yield to Him. Thank you for your prayers for others we have mentioned in previous letters; we continue to visit them and pray that they might come to know the Lord soon. So many people here say that salvation is by grace but are depending on their works. They need to come to realize that they must trust Christ alone. (Romans 11:6)

The family we requested prayer for because of their breakup has been restored to fellowship. We praise God for that. The man was under discipline for about a month and a half and he and his wife both realized their wrong. They are moving forward again and want to do right by their family. Please pray for us as we counsel them and as they attend here that they would become strong Christians.

Thank you once again for your part and concern in this ministry. May God's blessings be with you.

In Christ,
Will Klassen

March-April 2014

Dear Praying Friends,
Thank you for taking time to read about what is going on in our lives. Each of you are important to us and when we hear from you we are blessed and pray for you as well.
Cultural and family ties are strong among Mennonites. I have had good opportunity to make visits here on the behalf of others who also have connections to the people here. This has opened opportunities to share the gospel and give awareness of the church. I am continually made conscious of the false hope that so many have. Recently I visited a man whom I had visited before on several occasions. I was told he was very sick and so went to see him. His wife said she had been caring for him and trusted that God would care for her in Heaven someday because of this. I tried to share from the Bible, thinking he might be more willing now but, unfortunately, he was not. He passed away that
afternoon. Those of his family who remain are very closed to anything other than their traditions, but I will try to make a visit again soon. (James 1:27) Please pray for salvation to come to that home.
Our Missions Conference went well; it was a real blessing to me. We had a good commitment on the part of our church to give to missions and look forward to doing more. My prayer continually is that God would call and raise up laborers from our midst. I hold this challenge before the people regularly and pray that God would speak to hearts.
Please continue to pray for the two families in our church that are struggling. We have worked with one family in particular a great deal. They are unwilling to submit to what the Bible teaches and both parents are backslidden. The husband has been immoral and after several months is still unwilling to repent. He has now left his family and is under church discipline. We pray he will return. His wife is not responding well. We have done much to help her with the children in the last months but she is not making good decisions. We need a miracle of God so this family will be salvaged. Right now there is no heed taken to biblical counsel; please pray that a change of heart takes place.
Because this is a German ministry we have not focused on learning Spanish yet, but we are going to bite the bullet and begin to learn in earnest. We are working to get a class going one day a week. Not knowing Spanish has been an inconvenience but I have been able to get by without it. However, it is the national language and I don't want to limit myself. I would like to involve this ministry with more Mexican missions projects. Our children will be learning it as part of their curriculum.
My family and I are all doing well. God has blessed us with good health and strength for His service; for that we are grateful. God bless each of you, and thank you for your continued encouragement.
In Christ,
Will Klassen

January-February 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

This new year of ministry has not seen anything too spectacular happen in that sense of the word. Everything God does is spectacular and truly the changing of lives is a miracle. A favorite verse of mine is Philippians 2:13. It tells me that God is the one changing a person’s life. We have not reached anyone new for Christ but have been busy ministering and reaching out. A widower I have begun to visit needs prayer. We visited his late wife on a couple of occasions and Cindy left her a tract to read last December. We had hoped to visit her again but her death was quite sudden. This man is friendly and open to talk but it sounds like he is lost. I will continue to visit and try to lead him to Christ. In the church we experience victory and growth in some families and seeming defeat and discouragement in others. Please pray for two of our families that are making unwise decisions that have potential to bring ruin. I need much wisdom as I counsel, and prayer in this regard would be much appreciated. A huge blessing is to see the steady growth of some others. One man who has not been coming long testified that he had learned more in the last three months here than in all of his other church experience combined. This was a great encouragement to me. I had been feeling of late that everything was "old hat" and I was just a broken record. To God be the glory. We have been studying I Thessalonians and this has especially blessed some here who have never known scripturally what the future will bring. This has brought great assurance, peace, and joy into their lives.

We are praying for God to do great things through our church concerning missions. Our Missions Conference is at the end of March and we are excited to have our home pastor and his wife with us. Our church has responded well in the past to the need and burden of lost souls. They are talking to their friends and family about Christ and also are helping us to support missionaries. I am thankful for people here being sensitive to the need. Labourers are few and I am praying God raises up and calls preachers from our church.

We have begun a Sunday School and continue our youth program. Our people are involved in these ministries and they help me disciple the people coming to church here. Their great attitudes makes it a joy working with them.

We inherited two milking goats from a friend who was unable to keep them. Of course our children have named them and they are more or less pets. We no longer have to buy milk, and they produce enough that we can sell a bit to pay for feed. They are a real blessing. We have planted a garden and it is just coming up. We are hoping for no more frost, and it is beginning to look like spring here. We thank God for the life He has given us; we are so blessed.

We also thank you all for your continued support and prayers. You all make it possible for us to be here.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

November - December 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

We were reminded of your friendship as many gave Christmas cards and/or photos to us this last while. For me the year end is a special time because Christ's first advent becomes more precious to me as the years go by. We want to wish all of you God's blessing this new year.

Our Christmas Cantata was a great success. We had a fuller church than we have ever had. Our cast and choir did a wonderful job and their effort made me proud of them. Truly God has given us wonderful people in our church. We promoted the program in various ways. One way was to hand out flyers with a gospel message on the back. We probably got about 700 of them into the homes surrounding our village. Many visitors were at the Cantata and we hope we will be able to stay in contact with some and reach them for Christ. The program told a story of one of the shepherds coming to Christ. Following this I took opportunity to present the gospel and invite those present to accept the Lord. Some requested prayer regarding their salvation but were unwilling to make a decision immediately. This is quite typical of people here where many are very reserved. Some of our own regular attenders still have not made a decision to believe. We take all opportunities to talk to people when we can, and for those who are in contemplation we pray that the seed of God's Word planted will take root. Please pray that God will clearly reveal Himself and the way of salvation to them.

Our families that have recently begun attending have been sticking with it. They are growing in the knowledge of the Lord. We have also seen visitors lately and for that we are thankful. The family we have previously asked prayer for continues to struggle but is still in church. They find it hard to do right because they have backslidden to a point where their desire for God is very low. Please continue to uphold them and pray that by doing right they would come into a more fervent walk with God. We thank God His Word is still doing a work.

Our oldest girls are learning to play the piano. I am pleased with their progress and they have begun playing offertories in church. Cindy is holding ladies’ meetings once a month and does well with the German language. Micah is cutting teeth and is grumpy because of it but is almost crawling and this helps to keep him occupied. I am getting busier all the time but with the Friesen family and others pitching in more and more the work is getting done. I am privileged to be in the position I am in.

We encourage you all to keep looking to the Lord to uphold you in 2014. Thank-you for your friendship.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

September-October, 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

My prayer is that you all are well. It is always good to know that God uses you to uphold us in prayer, finances, and accountability. I am grateful for God's people. I hear reports of how things are going in your lives and am brought to thankfulness and sometimes prayer. When I sense discouragement or a struggle I try to take time to pray. We thank you for your contact with us.

The last two months have been regular, busy months of ministry. We have had ups and downs. I am thankful the Good Shepherd is with us all the time. Please pray for one family that has gone through some very turbulent times. The pressures of life along with some issues in their lives have caused a lot of trouble. It is amazing how members in the body affect one another. Please pray for wisdom as I am spending quite a bit of time counseling these and others. It is a great privilege but I heavily rely on the Lord. A wise preacher once said to me, "before God will build a ministry He will build a man." I don't know that I will ever get to the ministry stage, but the journey there has been a wonderful one of God teaching me. We praise the Lord that two new families have begun attending regularly. They are very willing to help in whatever way they can and that has been a blessing.

Our choir ministry is doing well. I am learning along with the members. Not many out here are very musically knowledgeable but they love to sing. People are beginning to manifest their talent. We had special music for a Missions Emphasis Sunday and are practicing for a Christmas cantata. Things are going well so far and we are anticipating an opportunity to present the gospel to visitors. Please pray for folks to be blessed, challenged, and/or won to the Lord. Our people are catching the vision of reaching out and several are taking time to do regular visitation. One man we visit frequently is unsure if he is saved. He attends regularly with his wife, however, he needs understanding. He is reading his Bible. Please pray with me that he will get saved. He has already begun applying some principles that are helping him in his life and his attitude is good, but he is very hung up on works for salvation.

Please pray for my wife. She is a busy lady with taking care of her needy husband, all her children, and helping in the ministry. She is my greatest encouragement. She is also a lot of fun. She is missing a lot of sleep though because of our little guy. We love him to death but he seems to think that nighttime is for catnaps. Our kids learn a lot in school and amaze me with their questions on education as well as on their Bible reading. They are excited that we bought a goat. I know that adventures lie ahead. We hope to milk her once she is a bit older. For now she is just a pet.

We wish you all God's richest blessing as we enter December and many celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

 July - August 2013

Dear Praying Friends, 

Things are well here in Mexico. The summer rains have transformed the desert into a beautiful, green landscape. I just wish it would last a bit longer, but it is hard to complain when one has beautiful sunny days through the dry winter. I have thanked the Lord many times for placing us here for numerous reasons, two of them being the climate and the mountains. We have been packing ourselves with fruits and fresh vegetables the last while. It sure helps on the grocery bill. We have been enjoying teaching our children the life-skill of gardening but now it is back to school. 

Please pray for our ministries. We will be starting a choir and anticipate this new avenue of ministry. We will also be having more frequent youth nights. We want to do what we can but I have been emphasizing parental responsibility in the lives of their children. One father approached me recently expressing concern about not wanting his kids to just be socializing "oppe gaus" (on the street). People with Mennonite background often assume that if they allow their kids to socialize in the traditional manner everything is okay. Lack of guidance in the lives of youth cause many to make very bad decisions. Our people are applying preaching on the home, family and important values. This was always prominent among Mennonites, but has been largely eroded because of a departure by many from the Bible. 

On that note, we had a great first ever youth camp. Upon our arrival, the director told us not to worry about snakes, but right after a short orientation we started packing in our stuff and guess what we encountered? A rattlesnake had to say his last amen. Skunks were our unwelcome guests each night also but as long as we let them go about their business we had no trouble. Whew! (No pun intended). Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht helped us and the camp spirit was very good. Just over 20 kids signed up and they had a great time. Many responded to the messages, all ate a ton of food and all got good and tired. We did too a little bit. Two accepted the Lord at camp and one young lady was assured of her salvation after years of doubting and living in defeat. 

We have helped a new family relocate from Durango and they have been coming to the services. They desire spiritual growth and that is exciting. The husband has responded to the gospel and has just been saved. They are in hard times right now and need much prayer. 

We were thrilled to have the Jake Friesen family move our way to help in the ministry. They have been a blessing already. Our children call them "our Friesens" and we may have to be careful that they don’t get too much of us! J 

Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Some cards and letters were sent these last months and they are so much appreciated. May the Lord continue to use each of you in your area of service. 

In Christ,

Will Klassen

 May – June 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

Our regular life has been interrupted in a good way since Mother's Day. Our latest family addition arrived on May 12th. Micah James was born healthy and has caused much joy in the family, but also a bit of readjustment. We will take it with the package, however. Our children are all thrilled, but especially Joseph as he finally has a brother. Our girls have been such a great help to us and we thank the Lord for them. Cindy is doing well and is back into running in the morning with me. She is missing quite a bit of sleep, however, so prayer for her would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your prayers regarding our last letter; our missions giving remains strong and God is working in the lives of the people you have been praying for also. The youth who was mentioned moved with his family and is now our neighbor across the street. What a “coincidence”. I have been able to visit with his dad on numerous occasions and we have had some good talks. They haven't come to church yet but we are praying. We have talked about salvation but he is doubtful, putting a lot of emphasis on lifestyle changes he has made. Please pray that the truth of salvation in Christ alone will become clear to him and his family. Other families that have recently begun coming continue to do so and we are getting to know them better. Mostly, people here are taught they must either work to be saved or must work to stay saved. This is a stronghold that has to be overcome. We have had good opportunities when visiting to explain salvation clearly. It has been exciting to see the growth in different families that have been saved; please pray they will move forward in victory. They want to do right but struggle in some areas and opposition hinders them.

Please continue to pray also for our youth. We have had more coming lately and it is a great opportunity to minister. They desire to know God but the pull of wrong influence is so strong. Peer pressure is real no matter which culture one is in, even in one where "separation from the world" has been practiced. There are two forces at work here: one of conservatism which is based on unbiblical tradition, the other is new-found liberalism based on media that even conservative people have access to in this age. When media is accessed the tendency is to toss out the baby with the bathwater and reject all of the truth. God's Word can bring right thinking through what is taught in Romans 12:1-2 but the message must be heard. Pray they would be teachable.

We are enjoying the summer; the kids are out of school and we keep them busy with house chores and gardening. Thank you for all your prayers and help. God bless you.

In Christ, 

Will Klassen

March – April 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

The last two months have been blessed ones. One big highlight I would like to report on is our Missions Conference. We had as guests a missionary family who are Mexican nationals going to India. We had not previously met but we had a great time with them, and so did our church people. This family has a heart for the Lord and people and we decided to add them to our missions family. While spending time here, this brother was able to win another man to the Lord as we were showing them around the area. We praise the Lord for that. Our giving went up this year and we were able to increase support for some of our existing missionaries. As a pastor, it is an exciting experience to see people respond to the teaching and also adopt the vision of world evangelism.

Personal evangelism is also presented as a responsibility to the church and many are seeking to reach others. I have had numerous good conversations and opportunities to present truth to people in the last while, but the visitors we have had are a result of our church people inviting others. We have had one youth who has been brought by his uncle and he is excited about coming. Most of the time he is here but his parents are not very willing to have him come. They are told we are false prophets and that makes them nervous. So far they are allowing him to come; please pray that the devil would not hinder his progress. Another of our young ladies has, with her parents’ consent, made a decision to make this her home church. She struggles with wrong influence and needs prayer for wisdom to make right choices in life. Our current families remain faithful but some fear opposition when considering decisions to move forward in growth. The last two Sundays we have had a family attend that drives an hour to come. I trust they are being blessed in the service and with the fellowship.

Several weeks ago three of our boys in church made professions of faith. Joseph has been praying for one of them for months and has been urging him to get saved. One Thursday night Joe came with him and he said now he was ready. Another of our boys, while praying in the service, prayed for our neighbors to be saved after having witnessed several of their teens intoxicated and sick on their front yard. He has been witnessing to his school friends also, his parents tell me. It is great to see people who have been saved now have a burden for others. We are blessed with a great church family.

Our family is doing well. Please be in prayer for Cindy for a safe delivery and quick recovery. Thank you so much.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

January-February, 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for allowing us to correspond with you. We appreciate so much when you remind us that we are in your thoughts by dropping emails, sending letters, and making calls. Your prayer and support is much appreciated.

We began this year with doing some finish up work on the church renovation we had started. We are thankful for the building God has provided. The work in the ministry has been steady with not too many big changes taking place. We continue to reach out and have seen some visitors attend sporadically. There have been many opportunities to counsel with people. Some of our church people are working through some important decisions and that is exciting. The newer two families that have been attending since before Christmas are growing and excited to have this as their church. We are excited too as we see how Christ is making a difference in their lives. Please pray for these families as they want to exercise their faith and are coming up against many obstacles. The one family is wanting to get victory financially and are having difficulty. They have a daughter that is having frequent bouts with pneumonia and it is costing them a lot. My prayer is that God provides for them in a financial way to help cover the hospital bills. Another family is in need of their own home and also don't have much income. This is sometimes difficult to see because they also want to have a part in the missionary ministries we support as a church.

The CD ministry here is effectively getting the word out. Our church people are doing a lot of talking when out and about, and handing out a lot of CD's. I hear of some who recommend this church and yet don't darken the door themselves. That is interesting but maybe they will someday.

Our family is doing well. Mabel turned 12 in February and is growing up. She is now in youth and thrilled about it. I am proud of my family. My wife has done a good job of teaching them educationally as well as in work ethics. My girls can run the basics of the home and are a real help. Cindy finds the responsibility challenging at times. Please pray for her especially as she nears the end of her pregnancy. She is feeling well, however, needs more rest these days and that can be frustrating to her.

Thanks once again for your encouragement. Your prayers are needed in our lives.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

November-December 2012

DearPraying Friends, Weare grateful to have you encouraging us. We have had several birthdays over thelast months and many cards were sent. Thank you so much for remembering ourbirthdays and for sending cards at Christmas. It is good to be remembered.

Weappreciate your praying for the events we mentioned in the last letter.Planning special days are a lot of work, but we have found in this church thatit is a good open door for people to come and visit, and to make contacts. 

Sinceour last letter I am happy to let you know that the family that has beguncoming has continued walking with the Lord. There is an observable desire forgrowth. The man of the family wanted to go visiting with me and had madecontact with someone in a hospital. The visit we made resulted in being able toencourage a backslidden man and give him the assurance of his salvation. Praisethe Lord. We saw him in church in a following service. Please pray for this newfamily, that they will remain faithful to walking with God. They are infinancial trouble but are following counsel and want to correct thingsbiblically. 

Wehave also seen one of our young ladies who has been coming to youth for severalyears decide to make this her home church. She asked Cindy about gettingbaptized. She wants to be obedient but is not sure when she will make thatdecision. Her parents have come to church occasionally and are in agreementwith her attending here. Lately she has made some mature decisions and I trustthe Lord will continue to speak to her and lead her. Please pray for maturityand growth. 

Ourfamily is much better health-wise and we thank you for your prayers. It feltlike forever getting over whooping cough but we are so much more thankful forgood health. Medical costs are high here; thankfully the Lord has spared usfrom having to utilize the hospitals. Cindy is entering her third trimester ofpregnancy now and is doing well. Please pray for her and the baby also, thatthings will go well.  

Wejust finished a building renovation and now have a nursery and I have a newoffice. God has been so good to us in many ways. Our missions giving is strongand we look forward to another conference in March. We have two families comingand anticipate being able to support more works. Please pray that God leads inthe preaching, and that hearts might be receptive. 

Thankyou so much for your faithfulness in praying and standing behind this ministry.

May the Lord bless each of you.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

September – October 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

We certainly feel loved as many of you continually remind us that you are thinking of us. We have not felt isolated out here. It was great to have my sister and her family come to visit us. We enjoyed our time very much. We also had a former pastor of mine come with his wife to join us and preach for our Family Conference. It was a blessed time.

Our conference went well; not as many visitors attended as I had hoped, however there was great liberty in the services and our regular folk were very tuned in. We have seen fruit already from this conference in the lives of families and we pray it would remain.

There is so much need among families. The Mennonite culture has historically had strong values and has exemplified strong moral character. Sadly, however, this has been eroded in many homes because of a departure from God’s Word. We need revival. Materialism distracts in a great way because of successful industry on the Mennonites’ part.

The young man I mentioned in the previous letter has not come to church yet, however I continue to visit him. He is thinking of making a decision that will hinder his spiritual life; please pray he yields as God seeks to guide him into truth.

I am excited at the progress being made by our people in their Christian lives. They are making decisions to put their spiritual life first. Many decisions need to be made yet but I feel they are moving forward. We have had another family begin coming faithfully to our Sunday services. Please pray they will continue to come.

Our children are experiencing a case of bad coughing fits, and are finding it hard to sleep at night. We are afraid for some of the kids in church as they are not all very healthy. We would appreciate you remembering us and our church family in prayer for good health.

Thank you for the anniversary blessings and for remembering Virginia’s birthday. Also a special gift was sent to the kids and they were able to buy a new wagon.

We are planning some Christmas events and hope to have people come. Please pray for our youth and adult banquets as well as a Christmas program we are conducting. The last youth activity had a better turnout. It is a thrill to be able to influence them. I believe many will come to the banquet and get a chance to hear the Bible preached.

Thank you so much for your support of this ministry in so many ways. We want to wish
you all God’s blessing this season.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

May-June 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

Time goes by quickly. We have been here awhile now and at times one feels as though not much progress is being made with the various goals that have been set. One thing I can say of Cindy though, is that she has improved much with speaking German. Early in May she conducted her second annual Mother's Day get together. There was a good number of ladies that came with daughters and mothers, and Cindy did very well bringing a German devotional. We also celebrated Father's Day with a baseball game and barbecue. One of the men gave his testimony of salvation and a short challenge. I told the men I would be calling on them in the future to give their testimonies also. One told me afterward that it would be awhile before he would be ready. Some of the things we think of as normal, such as praying in public and giving testimony, are very new and nerve-racking to people here, but they have been overcoming their fear and are able to encourage others.

I gave a report in our last letter of a good Missions Conference response. The missions giving has been faithfully steady and we have added another missionary family to those that we are able to support. We as a church are now supporting four ministries. Praise the Lord.

While we don't have our own Vacation Bible School, our kids are thrilled to take part in the VBS of Templo Bautista Obregon which Pastor Bill Wall pastors. It is a Spanish VBS which our kids find somewhat confusing, but some of the workers speak English and so they are having a great time. Otherwise our family is doing well.

Please continue to pray for our youth. Some have not been as faithful lately and I think they are struggling with issues. Although I believe they want to do what God would have of them, so many things distract them. Others in church here are on the verge of making some decisions that would help them move forward. Please pray God would give them courage. We have seen steady growth in their lives and that encourages us. Another couple has recently begun attending faithfully; we have enjoyed getting to know them. We have also had opportunity to minister to a child and two teens who are under foster care of one of our families. They have had very little exposure to biblical teaching. We are loving them and seeking to influence them. They have had questions about salvation after the preaching services and we are praying for their salvation.

We thank you for taking these things before the Lord with thanksgiving. May the Lord answer your prayers also.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

March-April 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

We never want to take for granted your part in this ministry. Thank you for allowing us to co-labor with you out here. God has been so good to us in many ways. I am blessed to have the wonderful family that I do, and our church people are such a blessing to us also.

Thank you for praying for the items in the last letter; God answered our requests. Our Missions Conference went well. We had two missionary families with us presenting their work. The fellowship was wonderful and edifying and I think all enjoyed their time. Brother Wall and I did the preaching and the response was good. For most here this was something new. Many began giving to missions for the first time, and overall there was a good increase in our missions giving. Our commitment for the next year is up, and aside from that we raised additional money for printing Bibles. To God be the glory. We can now do more to help spread the gospel elsewhere. That is our desire.

We have seen another couple obedient to baptism and it is exciting to see them excited. Spending time with them has been enjoyable and they are making progress in their Christian lives.

Some families here are struggling in some areas, and we request prayer on their behalf. We see God working but Satan also works through discouragement, doubt and unforgiveness. Please pray for our young people also as they desire to live right but face a lot of ungodly peer pressure from others. Many youth are making poor choices.

Thank you for remembering our family personally. We are doing well. The children have just about finished school. We are spending some time gardening these days. Our little Hannah is almost a year - how time flies. We were worried she wouldn't be able to eat birthday cake when she turns one, but lately she has proven herself and with only two teeth.

Thank you for your prayers, and for maintaining contact through various means. May the Lord bless each one.

In Christ,

Will Klassen

January-February 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

We have been here over two years now but are still adjusting to the climate. With warm
days, cool nights and blooming fruit trees, it feels like it should be green, but the rains do
not arrive until June. We will take the nice weather though. The temperature fluctuation
has caused many here to suffer from colds. Our family also went through a bout, but
thank the Lord we are better now.

The kids are doing well in school; Bethany finished one of her subjects today. We praised her for diligence. We have had a couple of birthdays the last while and have received numerous cards; thank you so much.

Our youth banquet, though late, was well attended. We had skits, food, and powerful
preaching on the right kind of friend from Billy Wall Jr., who was our guest along with
his wife. I believe the message was just what was needed. Our youth nights continue to
go well with evidence of spiritual maturity, but my prayer is that more would come.

We enjoyed a visit from Cindy's brother James. This was his first time in Mexico and we
had to go mountain climbing and zip lining in nearby (3 hour drive) Copper Canyon. It
is one of the longest zip lines in the world and was completed only a year ago. We had a
great time together.

Thank you for praying for the ministry and the various people here. We are seeing good
evidence of spiritual growth. One couple accepted Christ some time ago and followed
the Lord in baptism a few weeks ago. These were our first baptisms and a milestone.
Praise God! They are rejoicing in the Lord. Please pray for this couple that they would
continue to move forward; the devil is seeking to discourage them. They have been very
opposed in this decision by some who have also made it evident to us that they do not
want this church here. We are confident this church plant is God's will.

Upcoming in the month of March we have planned a Missions Conference. This will be
something new to many here and we are excited about it. We ask for prayer that we
would be able to add to the number of missionaries we support, but especially that our
people would gain a greater awareness of the need for personal involvement. They are
already active here and we are thankful for them, but the need is great for the gospel to
be brought elsewhere and workers are needed. We want to continually extend our vision.

Thank you for bringing these things before the Lord. We appreciate your part in this
ministry. Your faithfulness to us is not taken for granted. May the Lord bless you.

In Christ,
Will Klassen

November-December, 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you to all for praying for the requests in our last letter. Not all of our
December events came out as we wanted. Of the planned events we held only our
adult Christmas banquet. It was a success with many people showing up and
some newcomers also. Brother Bill Wall was our guest speaker and did a
wonderful job. Praise the Lord for another opportunity for the Word to go out.

The last months have been difficult. Some of you know what has transpired in
our lives and have been praying specifically and we appreciate that so much. We
received a doctor’s notice that my mother was dying and if we wanted to see her
we should do so. Illness from cancer had caused kidney failure. We made the trip
to Canada and spent some time with her before she went to be with the Lord. It
was a sweet time of fellowship and she was so glad to see us, especially to meet
Hannah. It was good to see family and our home church again. I was able to
report on the work and had opportunity to preach in the college. It was a blessing.

We had scheduled our first missionaries to be with us in December. We were
sorry to have missed them. The Loewen family did a wonderful job presenting in
our church, and Brother Loewen graciously filled the pulpit in my absence.

We arrived home shortly after the new year and had a great blessing awaiting us.
Our church family had bought us a 2001 Minivan! We did not anticipate this and
did not know what to say or do other than “thanks” and to God be the glory!
They are such sweet people. I had been praying about whether to buy another
vehicle and God answered in a marvelous way. We are very excited.

We still plan to hold a banquet for the youth in the next while. Please pray that
many will be invited and come for another opportunity to hear the gospel.

We have had another church partner with us in prayer and support. Praise God!
He is so faithful in all His ways. To Him be the glory. Thank you to all for your
part in this ministry and our personal lives. We appreciate each of you.

In Christ,

Will Klassen